Ways to Secure a Job in UAE

United Arab Emirates (UAE) in the middle east is an ideal place to seek well salaried jobs for expatriates. The remunerative benefits comprising of tax-free salaries and savings offered by the UAE government are attracted by many International job seekers, mainly Indians. Moreover, considering English as the media of language in business is another advantage in UAE job sectors. Nowadays, the prosperous middle east country has become a very competitive destination for people planning to relocate for securing a dream job in other countries. UAE offers a lot of lucrative chances and favorable working environments even for graduates.

Here are some steps to plan and organize your job search in UAE

1. Carry out market research
Carry out a research in the UAE career sector before entering to search for your required job. Beforehand, you have to make a self assessment regarding the type of jobs expecting by you. Thus you can search about the possibilities of such jobs in media, engineering, oil and gas industry or other suitable sections and find out where they are located locally. If you are interested on any particular employer, see whether they are hiring jobs on their own website or through reputed job sites in the Middle East region.

2. Arrange a routine time-frame
As employers require some time to review your applications with CV enclosure, you have to act with respect to an ideal time-frame. This is to make you move in accordance with the limited time you are having in this regard. If you are relocating from any other country, it is better to apply at least a month in advance, before you can come to the UAE. Remember to update your contact information mentioned on your CV, as soon as you arrive in UAE. Even after your arrival, keep on applying for jobs along with refreshing your online CV then and there. You have to make sure that your CV is always on top of employers’ search results.

3. Regular updation of your CV
Many job seekers usually do not remember to update their CV until the very last moment. This is very much similar to loose your possible chances in the UAE job sectors. Always remember to update your CV and ensure that employers can often view it, even if, they don’t have enough posted vacancies. Also make sure that you have included details regarding the desired industries, targeted job roles, career highlights, key skills, etc. All these can enhance the online search-ability of your CV to the right direction.

4. Online profile creation
Once your CV is posted online, create an online profile with a personalized link. An effective online presence will be highly useful to your professional credentials which can be viewed by global recruiters. Professional networking sites can display your experience and skills in a logical manner. The arrangement will also enable employers to see details of your skills through search engines such as Google. Your online profile can also be your online business card as it can ensure friendly connections with other employers and get other professionals to recognize your skills.

5. Try to create Networks
Networking is not so easy, especially when you are new to the city. So, it is ideal for you to research any job fairs which are going to take place very recently. By attending such job fairs, you are creating an excellent opportunity to meet employers of various companies. The occasion will also help you to meet informational interviews with the representatives of various companies which in turn can expand your network in the new city. Thus you can communicate with other job seekers and come to know which among the companies are the best to apply.

6. Keep up the habit of following up
Once you arrived in the city, remember to send out follow-up emails to the companies you have already applied to. This is to make them aware that you will be available for interviews and you are also interested to schedule a date to meet them in person. Even if you can’t get any calls for actual job interviews, you can at least attend informational interviews which help you to get more details about other companies and their job vacancies.

The uncompromising growth of the UAE over the years has made the work life in the country very impressive. So, to secure a suitable job in the fast growing middle east nation is considered to be very lucky.