UAE to Create 10 Million New Jobs by 2020

In these years, UAE has been becoming a paradise for global job seekers. Attractive new openings are being created as a result of the decision taken by the authorities to boost nation’s economy by taking a deviation from the traditional oil sector to service based industry. Now, the country has been moving up in all industrial sectors creating numerous opportunities all over UAE. The friendly approach of the ruling authorities, with out bringing any harsh rules and regulations over expatriates, favors the arrival of many global job seekers, thus transforming UAE as the unique hub of global culture.

Recently IMF, the international monitory fund had published a survey report saying that there would be nearly 10 million new job openings in UAE by the year 2020. As per the latest IMF reports, the two major economic challenges facing by UAE in these days are the increased fiscal pressure from a combination of oil price decline and towering defense and security spending which are inevitable for the region. According to IMF, the ongoing developmental process in the country will produce nearly 10 million new job openings across the region by 2020. Based on the projections, IMF has pointed out a lot of structural changes in UAE within a time-frame of 2016 to 2020 years. Currently, UAE has been spending more money for the development of its infrastructure where the investment demands tremendous workforce. The occasion is thus creating lot of chances for the expatriates to secure their well salaried dream jobs in UAE.

Justifying the prediction of IMF, it has been observed that the presently available employment opportunities in UAE are very vast. Hosting the 2020 expo is likely to generate a positive impact on the economy of UAE, as there will have an accelerated the infrastructure investment ahead of the event. During that period, tourism and trade in the country will have a maximum boost and hopefully even afterwards as well. With the simultaneous establishment and development of different industrial sectors, the usual scale of vacancies arising are really uncountable. Moreover, the employees chosen for these UAE openings are getting very good salary packages. Nowadays, there is a saying in the world that one who does not get a job anywhere, can fulfill it from UAE.

The tourist attraction project in UAE is intended to complete before the 2020 World Expo to be held in Dubai from 20th October, 2020 to 10th April, 2021, and expects the arrival of more than 25 million visitors to the country. A high rated benefits are expected from tourism development to the wider economy of UAE by attracting more tourists with higher consumption and creation of more job openings. As a prior preparation for the World Expo 2020, UAE is expecting a mammoth investment for the the development of infrastructure that creates nearly 277,000 new job openings all over in the country. Meanwhile, developers in UAE are said to have started their work on certain mega projects which they have planned to complete by 2019. The master plan of Dubai Expo 2020 is designed in such a way to reduce demands, use alternative sources, recycling and reuse across energy, water, waste materials and supply. All these projects are expected to create vast job opportunities across UAE.

As per the analysis carried out, it has been observed that the proposed Dubai Expo 2020 not only creates new job openings in the forthcoming 18 months, but also results a sharp hike in the salary packages of employees across all sectors. Apart from the apparent salary hike advantages, there will also have long term benefits, when the expected modification of labor laws are brought into force. Anyway, the demand for the new openings will be more in construction, hospitality, aviation and energy industries. So, there couldn’t have been a better occasion than this to find a job in UAE and save money for a better tomorrow.