UAE: The Winning Heaven of Job Seekers

Unlike many other places in the world, UAE is being attracted by many overseas job seekers as there are ample opportunities to develop themselves. Even though, there were some reports of decline regarding the hiring activity in UAE, the country still stands as the region where attractive job openings are available in abundance.

Currently, the important economic sectors in UAE are tourism, industries, IT and finance. In an attempt to change the country’s economic source from traditional oil industry to a service based economy, the local government has been made large investments in tourism and real estate. This may be one of the reasons why a lot of vacancies are being created in UAE.

During the forthcoming years also, abundant job opportunities are predicted in the country because of the new proposal from the government side to make some more investments for the development of the industrial sector. The new decision is in addition to the existing real estate and infrastructure projects which are planned to launch by the end of the year. Data from various job portals also shows that UAE has still the maximum number of listed vacancies.

With respect to a recently conducted survey, about 49 per cent of companies have plans to create new positions and in them, about 90 per cent are intending to hire candidates generally. According to hiring specialists, more jobs will be created in UAE over the next few months, with a good number of recruitment possibly in the construction sector. Majority of recruiters in the region are expecting a lot of new vacancies, to be announced during the next six months. Anyway, this is a golden chance for experienced employees, as most of the new positions need candidates having three to eight years of work experience.

According to recruiters, the new openings could be not only in the middle management positions but also in the senior management levels. However majority are of the opinion that most of the new job opportunities arising in UAE would be in the construction industry. Apart from the construction sector, companies related to banking and finance, hospitality as well as retail industries are also expected significant number of fresh positions in the coming months. The condition will definitely help thousands of expatriates to secure their dream jobs in the country.

As per the recently conducted studies, the employment scenario in UAE and associated region is improving considerably. As a result of the developmental strategy, a number of attractive job openings having attractive salary packages will be creating in UAE. These new openings could be because of the 2020 world expo to be hosted by the country. Moreover, UAE has recently been chosen to host the 2022 FIFA world cup football tournament also. All these forthcoming global events in the country are focusing to carry out an inevitable infrastructure developments. These favorable circumstances will surely help to maintain the overall economic outlook in the country to remain as highly positive.

Even today, UAE is seeking world-class talents for many of their projects by offering inconceivable salary packages. So the country is still a leading commercial and economic hub where ambitious career-minded professionals are anxious to create a landmark through its classic projects and by working in world-class, local and multinational organizations and other pioneering public sector undertakings. Moreover, the country maintains its reputation as a highly attractive place to live and work.

Nowadays, UAE is an ideal place for those who value opportunity, quality of life, transparency, good governance and sustainable growth. In future also UAE will remain as a winning haven for competitive top-class professionals who want to bring their career progression seriously and participate in the historic business scenario of the region.