UAE Stands on Top Again in the Global Job Market

UAE joins the league as the country most sought by the job seekers around the world for the second time. Making the position of major job markets such as Europe and Australia behind, UAE continues its journey as it is getting closer to the greatest event of this century, World Expo 2020. Experts say that this condition is expected to be continued for the next couple of years.

Although UAE is experiencing a slowdown in the business because of the summer, the number of job seekers migrating to UAE from different parts of the world still seems to be increasing. People from different parts of Asia was contributing most to this category and the situations changed as job seekers from Europe and United States made UAE as their first choice.

A study covering more than 300 million job seekers around the world says that UAE is the most popular destination which people are looking for a job. The reason for the same as tweeted by HH. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Prime Minister of UAE is the quality living, sustainable growth and good governance offered by UAE. Transforming from a country whose economy was powered by Oil production to a country which is known as the luxury capital of the world made UAE achieve the magical growth and a place in the heart of people around the globe.

Standing as a hub connecting different continents and the opportunity to host the World Expo 2020 made UAE the first choice for the companies to expand their business concentrating in the Middle East and the European markets. The tax free way of welcoming companies still remains in UAE which is making investors feel good to start their ventures in UAE and thereby creating opportunities which makes UAE stands in front for the second consecutive year.