UAE on Top of the WTO Ranking in 2015

World Trade Organization (WTO) has been ranked UAE as one among the top countries in the world of trade. Thus, UAE has grabbed a respectable position among the top 16 exporters in the world. The related reports regarding the information are with respect to the 2015 International Trade Statistics data collected by the WTO. According to UAE authorities, the rank of their country as one of the top countries in the world of trade is very promising and it recalls the influential developments going on in the country on account of the trend-setting economic policies following by the UAE government.

In these years, UAE has become a major player in the international trade, by reinforcing its position in the middle-east area and the trend is expected to continue for the coming years too. According to the report from economic experts, the country UAE, which has bagged 16th rank globally in commodity exports and 20th globally in commodity imports, has the capability to retain its top position on the world trade map. Moreover, in the field of service trade, the UAE has got 19th position in terms of service imports, and 42nd place in service exports, with respect to the recent global trade analysis report prepared by the WTO.

In the global trade arena, the success of the UAE is expected to boost the economic position of the country to a great extend. According to the economic experts in WTO, UAE will achieve more development and progress as well as more positive results on all levels that will come as part of the ‘UAE Vision 2021’ implementation of the Federal Government and with respect to ts National Agenda. The overall circumstances in the country is expected to establish a respectable economic growth by creating vast number of employment opportunities across UAE. Hence this is a golden chance for those who are dreaming a well salaried job in the economically developed gulf country.

The WTO report, which is an overview of the trade development in UAE, forecasts an international commodity as well as service trade progress in the country. The trade of the industrial products is currently flourishing in the UAE, since the country is in its developmental spree. It has been observed that the favorable factors for the continuous growth of UAE trade sectors are its advancement in infrastructure, legislative environments and strategic location. Apart from these, the trade and economic policies following by the ruling government have supported the country vastly to improve its economy and grab the top position in global trade world.

World Expo 2020 to be hosted in Dubai has been resulted innumerable developmental projects which in turn has been improving the international trade in the country, simultaneously creating vast number of job openings in the several related sectors. These developmental projects have got unconditional support and association from many prestigious national initiatives such as the National Innovation Strategy in UAE. All these projects have together given a boost to the ongoing efforts to bring up the country’s economic profile and firm desire to better improve the activities of various sectors, especially trade. This is how UAE has become the most important market for merchandise imports and exports in International Trade Trends.

During the past years, UAE had been succeeded in its intensive efforts to utilize its vast economy in foreign trade and made lucrative investments with the aim to establish overall economic development in the country, simultaneously giving utmost importance to the wellbeing of its people and residents. It is the out come of these entire efforts, that has been creating innumerable job opportunities in UAE in these days.