UAE New Labor Rule to Attract Global Talents

The new UAE labor rules issued by the Ministry of Labor are expected to raise transparency in the labor market and improve employment conditions all over UAE. The new labor rule allows Employees to change employers without receiving any consent letter from their previous employer permitting them to work immediately from another location in UAE. Earlier, expatriates working in UAE had to leave the country for six months for changing their existing jobs, which was absolutely very difficult. As per the new rules, workers can start employment elsewhere in UAE, immediately after finishing their notice period. The new environment will help organizations to carry out labor mobility and assist employers to attract reliable talents. The new labor rule will certainly make the UAE labor market to have a boost in the right direction which in turn is expected to attract top global talents on a large scale. Thus, under the shade of the new labor laws, global talents are hoped to flow into the various states in UAE.

It is being found that the increased flexibility in employee mobility could enhance the relationship between workers and employers which in turn helps to boost employee motivation. Since, high level of transparency is the attractive feature of the new labor rule, the same will create adequate vibrations in the UAE labor market. The terms and conditions related to the employment contracts will be standardized from now on following the execution of the new rule, enabling employees to enjoy more flexibility in changing employers. The new labor rule also offers mandatory pension system for every employee together with monitoring the cost of living more carefully, transforming the working environment in UAE more suitable for talented employees migrated from other countries. Thus by introducing more employee-friendly regulations, UAE tries to generate more confidence among global people, and the same will attract more global talents towards UAE. This will help the UAE to meet the forthcoming requirements of expert hands in their job field.

As per the new labor law, the outlined steps are to strengthen employees right to change their employer and prevent forceful labor. So, employers are required to present UAE labor ministry-approved standard employment contract of workers. The terms of the contract cannot be altered without the consent or awareness of the ministry. The new labor laws are now advising to linkup sponsorship and labor relations in the country. According to the labor ministry statement, under any circumstances, the employees need not be made or otherwise compelled to remain permanently in any working environment in the UAE. More flexible mobility of the rules authorize workers, if they are qualified with vast skills and competencies on the job front. Such workers can plan for a job change over, when it is observed as a more suitable employment opportunity, either when the time-frame of the contract expires or during the period of the contract, if only the conditions are observed as genuine. However, the mobility in the UAE employment field is believed to have been benefiting both employees as well as employers.

With the minimal time for transferring employees and their contracts, companies will be able to put workers in the right positions in fast paces, while employees will have better opportunities to find the job they want. As per the new policies, potential foreign workers would be asked to sign-up a standard employment offer at their home country and filed with the Ministry of Labor before the work permit was issued. That agreement would then be registered as a legitimate contract, once the worker arrived in the UAE, and no changes would be allowed unless the worker is agreed to do so. The three new labor rules proposed by the Ministry of Labor are ministry-approved contracts, conditions for terminating employees and labor permits to work for new employers. Contracts can be terminated by either side as per the terms mentioned in the ministry order. Once it is done, workers are free to switch over to any new employer. The new rules by the Ministry of Labor will ensure a stronger relationship between employers and workers and heighten the labor market across the country by establishing transparency assuring more flexible labor environment and mobility for workers