UAE Job Market to Gain Exciting Growth in 2017

Expecting more than quarter a million opportunities, the job market in Dubai is about to expect to be in full throttle by 2017. The sectors in which most of the manpower shall be needed will be construction and Information Technology. Analysts from all over the world says that Expo 2020 is going to exploit the expectations of the people who are heading to UAE for developing their career.

What happening right now also shows a good picture for the job seekers in UAE. Report says that more than 45% of the companies are hiring professionals for fresh positions and more than 85% of the companies are hiring for the vacant positions. Many of the recruiters and human resources professionals based in UAE says that, it is expected that so many new vacant positions to get created for the next 6 months in their respective organisations which gives more clarity to the headline.

As per the survey conducted with the recruiters in middle east, it is said that 44% of the positions which is about to get created in UAE will be in the Mid management level and 25% in the senior management level. The sector which shows a massive increase the rate of employee hiring is construction, since there are such a lot of projects closing to completion for the World Expo 2020, Golden Jubilee celebration of United Arab Emirates and the FIFA World Cup 2022 which is to happen at Qatar.

But on the other side, picture of a financial recession to happen in many countries in near future is affecting UAE too. The thought regarding this situation is making them anxious regarding the loss of their jobs and affecting their living. But what the survey which I have mentioned above say that 2015 was really good in creating jobs and fulfilling the requirements when compared with that of 2014. Even though the decline that had happened in the oil prices gave a hit in the head for the UAE job market, it doesn’t lead to any massive situations like termination of employees or lowering the number of job offers that has created in the middle east.

Apart from all these, the importance of middle east countries for the coming years is making them home for many world class exhibitions and entertainment shows. Many of the major artists from all around the world is looking for the opportunity to host their shows in UAE, Sultanate of Oman and Qatar. Since middle east countries are expecting the presence of millions of people these coming years, entertainment shows and the economy as a whole are expecting something big to happen these years.