Top Factors Influencing UAE Job Search in 2016


The main operator for job opportunities in UAE in the year 2016 is assumed to be the preparations for the forthcoming Expo 2020 in Dubai. These well planned developmental activities involve a number of fresh infrastructure projects and properties around the emirate. The very advance get readying for the Dubai Expo 2020 will result an increase in the number of new buildings in order to set up appropriate infrastructure and modern amenities in the country. All such developmental projects will create innumerable job opportunities across UAE in 2016. Moreover, Expo 2020 is expected to improve the tourism industry in the region creating vast number of job openings to qualified youngsters. So, the year 2016 will be prosperous tenure as far as the expatriate job seekers in UAE are concerned.
Here are some factors which influence the UAE job search for the year 2016.

Flexible working hours

This is a very good news for the expatriate job seekers in UAE. Flexible working environment is an awesome factor to those individuals working in the country. This can be an influential factor for an individual to decide whether to stick to a company or not. A study regarding this has revealed that employees like to continue in an organization if it can offer them flexible and better working hours.

Skills and experience

While choosing candidates for jobs in UAE, recruiters always give importance to local skills and experience of candidates. In 2016 also, there can’t be any change in this attitude. According to experts, doing business in the UAE is very different, as the economy of the country is progressively globalised. So, candidates who have both local and international expertise, and work experience across different cultures, are preferred most.

Influence on digital analytics

In 2015, data analytics had been used widely in the industrial sectors and the same trend is expected to continue in 2016 as well. As per the predictions from the recruiters side, more organizations will show interest to follow data analytics and look forward to study how the technology can be brought into actions. The application of data analytics is the process of making data relevant to a business and the same is found inevitable nowadays, as they have to continue their journey through an environment where the digital transformation is an influential factor.

Cyber security

Employees having roles as firewall experts, security engineers and cyber security specialists can expect demand of their services very utmost. As more and more organizations want to keep the increasing volumes of their data safe, it is essential for them to get ready for actions in the case of a possible Cyber-attack. So, for young job aspirants, it is better to learn and understand Cyber security related matters and techniques.

Mobile Apps

As customers have to interact with various companies in a more user friendly and simpler manner, an infinite number of mobile applications are being used. The prevailing atmosphere in the region will eventually push up the demand for developers in this particular area, along with support staff having experience in a variety of advanced mobile Apps.


DevOps is the short form of development and operations and the same is found to be another important trend which is expected to develop to its maximum during 2016. As technology has a key position, in the every prospect of business, there are possibilities for more organizations to build and deploy more advanced software as quickly as possible. This requirement will eventually increase the demand for DevOps professionals in UAE.

Customer experience

Customer experience make you capable to gather more momentum in the field of jobs. At the same time, organizations use technology profusely to understand customers. For job seekers, the use of technology in the area of customer experience will be very crucial. To get you hired by employers, you must have leading customer experience and awareness across all platforms. It can help you a lot in determining your next move.

Content marketing

Content marketing is being applied by companies for employee training, recruiting PR professionals for other departments. However, experts believe that content marketing for the recruitment of human resources will also be an ongoing trend in 2016. Hence, job seekers are required to conduct a research on the methodology by which their prospective employer utilize technology to create original and engaging HR content.

Diversity in Workforce

More companies in the UAE are trying to establish a diversity to their workforce. This is more apparent in the government sector, where efforts are in full swing to achieve a complete Emiratisation across UAE. However, private sectors are moving in slow paces in this regard.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) appears as the last one in the list of the UAE job trends for 2016. It can be a revolution in UAE job sector as as there are possibilities for more businesses sectors to authorize RPO companies for recruiting employees. In this recruitment process, job seekers will be introduced to employers by the RPO companies, only if they can move up with the requirement of the employer.


Job seekers in UAE have to keep in mind that the nature of the jobs needed by the authorities in the future will be entirely different. New upcoming projects in UAE like smart cities are now facing lack of talented hands because, the skills required for the projects are not teaching in majority of universities. Apart from this, many people do not have much experience in it.