Things to Remember while Applying Dubai Jobs

Dubai, the 2nd classic city in the Middle East is an important location to secure a well salaried job as far as the job seekers are concerned. The two main reasons behind this is the high possibilities of suitable job opportunities in the fast developing city and the comfortable living standards prevailing there. However, job seekers in Dubai have to follow certain fundamental things in order to get jobs effortlessly.

Certain tips to be followed while applying Dubai jobs.

1. Make self assessment

Dubai job market is highly competitive and it is very important for you to make a self assessment about your objectives with respect to your positive and negative qualities. You have to ascertain yourself and see whether the job is suitable for your aspirations and motivations. To find employers requirements and institutional strategy, you can search their company websites and confirm whether you can be a real asset to them.

2. Be familiar with job market

Almost all local employers in Dubai advertise the arising opportunities in their firms on different job sites. Hence it is very convenient for the job seekers to study the job market trends with respect to a particular sector in Dubai. By researching these employment sites, you can easily understand companies hiring employees and the skills they really require.

3. Prepare an online CV with cover letter

Now a days, almost all employers in Dubai give importance to Internet based searches for meeting their requirements. They utilize their time to asses candidates online before taking any decision. Hence, Dubai job aspirants have to build an online CV with appropriate cover letter to boost their chances to get hired by the employers. So, you are needed to update your online CV then and there with relevant content, and save them for almost all job sites in Dubai.

4. Keep an online Public profile

In addition to your online CV, you are advised to maintain an online public profile with a personalized URL. The online profile creation will help employers to find your capabilities through Google and make a prior assessment. It can tell a lot about yourself than the CV with cover letter and also enables your colleagues to endorse your skills. For publishing online public profile you can use some popular social media platforms available online.

5. Follow up a routine for Job search

For getting jobs, you are advised to apply regularly for a month before your arrival in Dubai, because employers may take time to review your applications while your time is very limited. After arriving in Dubai you are advised to update your contact information on your online CV and public profile. Even after your arrival in Dubai, you are advised to continue applying for jobs while simultaneously refreshing your CV, enabling you to be on top of employers search result.

6. Try to be patient

As per the latest analysis carried out, Dubai has secured the lowest unemployment rate in the world. So, getting a suitable job in that country is not at all a hurdle. However, as Dubai has become the hot spot for the vast number of global job seekers, the applicants must maintain patience and persistence while searching their dream jobs there.

7. Expand your Network

The plan to expand Networks in Dubai has certain limitations as far as the job seekers from other countries are concerned. As you are new to the city, it is very natural that you don’t know much about employers and may not have much information about local job sectors. So, for such people, the ideal way to find out jobs in Dubai is to attend job fairs or job expos frequently taking place in the city.

8. Find a good recruitment agency

Apart from applying for Dubai jobs independently, it will be more beneficial if you can find a good recruitment agency working legally. There are a lot of recruitment agencies in Dubai which can guarantee jobs you desire, if you can pay their fees. By keeping good contacts with recruitment agencies, you can enhance your chances of getting a suitable job in Dubai within a short span of time.


The innumerable job opportunities arising in Dubai are due to its speedy development and the forthcoming 2020 World Expo. Moreover, the work life in Dubai is very comfortable because of the tax-free savings. So, to secure a suitable job in the fast growing middle east nation is considered to be very lucky.