Introduction Nowadays, the role of Social Networking which can be established through Social Media, is very important as far as the new generation job seekers are concerned. Social media such as Link-din, Twitter, Facebook etc hel
Importance of Social Networking in Job Search
Introduction Nowadays Government jobs are considered to be the ultimate prize for a job seeker in India. These public sector jobs have started grabbing attraction among the employment seekers once again. Although the government jobs
Government Jobs in India
Introduction and Definition: - Every enterprise requires leadership. This is the quality of a person by which he can influence or motivate others to achieve a purpose and promote the activities of an organization or system in a reaso
Leadership Qualities Required for Managerial Positions
Nowadays, resume of candidates has an inevitable role in the process of job seeking. A good resume can provide all necessary information regarding a candidate who seeks a particular job. In other words, it is a valid proof which tells whether the job
Things to be remembered while preparing a resume
During the years to come, a lot of fresh job opportunities will be created in India. This is really a great boon to well educated job aspirants in the country as well as abroad. As India has been going ahead in the field of Information Technology, th
Future Job opportunities in India