Steps for Dubai job search in 2016

Dubai, the home to many emigrant job seekers is expected to create better job opportunities with higher pay scales in 2016. Currently, the key revenue generating sectors in Dubai are tourism, IT, hospitality industries and finance. Nowadays, the local government of the state has been investing largely in tourism and real estate which in turn return them a lot of profit. This may be one of the reasons why numerous attractive job opportunities are being created in Dubai.

It is said that during the forthcoming year, a vast number of job opportunities are available in Dubai, in different sectors such as construction, IT, telecoms, media, banking etc. Apart from these, there will be ample vacancies in governmental organizations too. Here are certain things to be remembered before hunting jobs in Dubai during the upcoming year.

Give importance to resumes
Candidates applying for Dubai jobs are hereby advised to give utmost importance to their resumes than the cover letter. Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) is now being used in Dubai for screening resumes. Here, the cover letter sending along with the resumes is not often considered for reading. The software application which carries out the electronic handling of recruitment procedures ignores many things including the reading of the cover letter.

Search keywords of a particular job
The ATS software application which executes the electronic handling of recruitment procedure, helps to speed up the process in an amazing manner. At the same time, it ignores the opportunities of the eligible candidates who have sent applications with an expectation to get a call for an interview from the recruiters. The reason behind the dismay is the ATS software which has been designed to process the applications on the basis of keywords. If the desirable keywords are found missing in the application of the candidates, they will be considered as either unfit or unqualified for the concerned job. So, candidates should first identify keywords in a particular job description before applying and load their resumes with the required keywords.

Customization of resumes
As the employers consider candidates chosen by their ATS system, there is no importance for a generic CV. So customization of CV is an inevitable process as far as the Dubai jobs are concerned. To design your resume for a particular job, you may first analyze the job description which includes the job title, specific requirements, duties and responsibilities to be shouldered and also the location of the job among other references. So, you may take your own time to create a customized resume for each job application and try to make it more meaningful. You can customize the objective of your resume to match the job title and describe your qualifications, experience and achievements in such a way to score more points on the 10/10 match scale. Proper customization of resumes will help you get tagged by the ATS software as eligible.

Design Video Resumes and Profile
You can also design a short video resume and keep with you for making the employers to know about you. Through this, you can talk to employers and recruiters, and display your communication skills. Your video can be able to highlight your personality, confidence and attitude and make you a strong contestant for the job.
There are a lot of online resume sites for Dubai which help you create your popular video resumes and apply for a particular job instantly. All you needed to do is to register with the site, complete your video profile and upload the same to introduce yourself. As there are built-in facilities with such sites, candidates can record their respective resumes through the website and thus direct recruiters to their profile. This is a shortcut to impress the recruiters as well as employers and bring you very closer to the availability of any particular job.

Rely on Social Networking Sites
To secure suitable jobs in Dubai, it is better to rely on popular social networking sites. To reap best out of them, you can create your own profile on social media forums and important professional circles like LinkedIn and update the same frequently. Try to contact people in your network and interact with them. You can ask them for advice and collect useful information regarding jobs and job leads. Design your own pitch in such sites by mentioning who you are with your background, and what you are mostly desiring from the person you are contacting.

The most effective and recommended tools for job hunting in Dubai are network and references, in addition to the job search through online job sites. So try to utilize these tools properly to generate good results. Half of your battle in searching a suitable job can be done if you know precisely where the employers are and the strategy they use to recruit people.