Predictions of UAE Job Trends for 2016

During the year 2016, numerous job opportunities and simultaneous recruitment are being predicted in UAE job sector. One of the main reasons behind the creation of vacancies in UAE is the advance preparation for the forthcoming Grand Expo 2020 to be held at Dubai. The unique occasion has been predicted over 275,000 job openings in various sectors across the vast economy. As per the prevision, a lot of good positions will be created in sectors such as construction, aviation, retail, logistics, information technology, engineering and hospitality industries. On account of this information, vast number of online job portals in UAE are reported to have stated their hiring campaign on a large scale.
A knowledge regarding these job trends in UAE will be helpful to candidates seeking a suitable job there.

Flexible working hours
Implementation of flexible working hours are really a boon to those who are in a set-up to seek jobs in UAE. A recently conducted study regarding this has shown that candidates prefer companies in UAE which offer better and flexible working hours. As per the study result, the trends for long term contracts of employees with any company in UAE, mainly depends up on these flexible working hours. At the same time organizations will plan to engage employees on contract basis with a goodwill attitude to make them permanent if more profitable projects are available always.

Prefer skills and local experience
In UAE, where the the economy has been increasingly globalized, doing business among different expatriates will generate a valuable experience. So, local skills as well as experience are very important in UAE job sectors. In this regard, candidates who have experience both globally and locally are capable to work across different cultures in UAE. So employers will be considering local experience as an added advantage.

Digital Influence and data analytics
Data analytics has been widely focused in 2015 and the same trend is expected to continue in the New Year as well. Data analytics enables the creation of data relevant to a business as they continue their journey on the digital transformation path. Predictions by the recruitment firms show that there are possibilities for more organizations to concentrate on data analytics and find out how they can be moved up into actions.

Cyber security
In 2016, the demand for Cyber professionals such as firewall experts, cyber security specialists and engineers related to the similar field is expected to go up as the Cyber security breaches are common nowadays. More established organizations will be keen to increase the volumes and services of Cyber specialists in view to keep their data bank safe and get ready for immediate action in the case of a Cyber-attack.

Digital and mobile Apps
As customers look to interact with companies in a more user friendly and simpler manner, a higher number of mobile applications are being developed. The ongoing trend to use digital and mobile App will create demand for developers in this particular area along with support staff having experience in mobile devices. To move along with these inevitable technological changes, candidates are required to update their technical skills in accordance with the respective company brand and values.

Development and Operations (DevOps)
DevOps is the another shaping trend in the year to come and the same is very essential for the evolution of various software applications. As technology becomes important in every aspect of business, more organizations will be forced to build and deploy more software in quick successions. This will result the utmost demand for DevOps professionals, including engineers and managers with strong software development and application deployment background.

Customer experience
As customer experience can generate more strength, organizations will use related technology in a bigger way to understand customers. The use of such technology in this area will be very important as far as the fresh job seekers are concerned. The process of showing employers that you can design a leading customer experience across all industrial platforms will be a critical attempt for you to be considered for the next step.

Content Marketing
Content marketing is being used by companies for recruiting, public relations, employee training, and other departments. So in the coming year also, it is believed that human resources content marketing will be an ongoing trend in 2016. So the environment will make Job seekers to research exactly on what their prospective employer is expecting by way of utilizing technology to produce actual as well as engaging HR content.

Well maintained Workforce Diversity
Since UAE is one among the prominent multicultural countries in the world, the normal workday in the region appears as the involvement with individuals from dozens of other countries. However, each culture feels that their rights are being preserved by the UAE authorities. The amicable cultural environment will persuade more companies in the UAE to increase the diversity of their workforce. This can be more obvious in the government sector, where efforts are in full swing to boost the ongoing Emiratisation.

Recruitment outsourcing
In the coming year, there are high possibilities for outsourcing the recruitment process in the UAE. Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) comes as the very latest among the UAE career trends in 2016. It is said that RPO is at the brink of a revolution as more and more business establishments turn towards it.
So, job seekers in UAE have to remember that there may be occasions when partner RPO companies come to deal them, during the hiring process. Thus, in 2016, it will be the RPO company that introduce you to the employer.

According to various reputed recruitment agencies, the present career trends in UAE are likely to shape and stimulate by the beginning of the year 2016. Moreover, the new employment laws which are being proposed to implement, are favorable to expatriates in all respects. Anyway, the year 2016 will be a lucky year for those who have been dreaming a well salaried job in UAE.