New Labor Law in UAE Brings Transparency for Jobs by 2016

The new labor regulations issued by the UAE government is all set to provide transparency for the jobs in UAE by January 2016. Newly added regulations 764,765 & 766 in the labor policy gives clear idea regarding the termination of job, contract with the employer and change in job.

The regulation 764 discusses about the contract to be kept between the employer and the employee. The employer has to produce a ministry approved contract with the employee which cannot be edited or altered by the employer unless it is approved from Ministry of labor, UAE. This will end the anxiety of people who are migrating to UAE from different parts of the world regarding their job contract since ministry is labor is also a part of this new regulation.

The second one, 765 which says about the term and Non term of the contract to get terminated. This includes the the conditions & regulations provided to both employer and the employees regarding the contract termination.

Last and the most important among the three, regulation 766 gives the opportunity for the employees to change their jobs if he/she has completed 6 month term with the current employer which is waived if the employee holds a valid university degree or relevant high school diploma.

“The new regulations is expected to bring transparency and clarity to the jobs and the employees in UAE. Proper monitoring of the labor contracts also assures a voluntary relationship between the employer and the employee” said the ministry of labor, UAE.

The initiative to bring skilled candidates in order for the preparation of EXPO 2020 is making the Ministry of Labor think about bringing changes in the traditional way of linking the residence of a foreign employee with his job.