Leadership Qualities Required for Managerial Positions

Introduction and Definition: – Every enterprise requires leadership. This is the quality of a person by which he can influence or motivate others to achieve a purpose and promote the activities of an organization or system in a reasonable and reliable manner. In other words, he must be able to get others obey or follow him willingly. Nowadays good leaders are created even if they are not born. For this, they require factors like desire, determination and dedication. Leaders are molded through proper education, training programs, self-study and tremendous experiences that can be gained from entirely different circumstances. They must be able to exhibit flexibility in their capabilities by changing the style of leadership as per the conditions arising. Moreover, leaders must be highly disciplined and have a clear picture regarding the solutions they adopt to solve a problem. In all cases their performances with respect to leadership can be seen absolutely result oriented. Excellent leaders can inspire their followers and make them carryout appreciable teamwork.

Factors required to build up leadership qualities

1) Integrity – This quality is very important as far as the merging of outward actions with inner values is concerned. Individuals having the quality of integrity are believable because they are conscious about their responsibilities. This classic ability also helps them to gather the faithfulness of their subordinates.

2) Honest – This is very essential for truthful dealings and understandings. As far as organizational activities are concerned this is a valuable factor. If leaders are honest and straightforward, the followers will never be reluctant to approach them.

3) Dedication – The proper utilization of time and energy to carry out a task is termed as dedication. A good leader should be the suitable example for absolute dedication. The systematic problem solving methods that they employ with utmost vision would be appreciated by the followers. This may also generate love and respect on behalf of the leaders. For highlighting qualitative dedication opportunities play a great deal.

4) Magnanimity – The decency and nobleness of leaders are referred as magnanimity. Such leaders never credit the fame of developments to their meritorious services. Instead, they pass such positive remarks towards the whole team and then appreciate their team works. Meanwhile, they alone shoulder the responsibilities of negative remarks and never blame the whole team or team works. This type of reverse magnanimity will bring the teams of an organization much closer and also persuade them to work with total dedication and cooperation.

5) Humility – Leaders who possess this quality assume themselves that they are neither better nor worse than the team members. Their humble nature will never allow the team gets discouraged whereas they always try to encourage the team members and also appreciate them whenever suitable occasions are met with. People having humble nature will never value their individual status, but value the overall status of the organization.

6) Openness – In any developmental process, the introduction as well as updating of new ideas are highly welcomed. Openness is the interest for learning and listening new ideas and at the same time this quality creates mutual respect and trust between leaders and followers. Leader’s openness will enable the team members to collect new ideas and concepts, and also make them capable to deal the competitive fields.

7) Creativity – Leaders having a mind of creativity always thinks and acts with a classic style and find out solutions ideally. Creativity enables leaders to foresee circumstances and give necessary directions according to that. Thus, good leaders can do a great deal to rescue organizations from major pitfalls.

8) Fairness – This quality enables leaders to deal and treat others reasonably. Thus visitors have the feeling that they are being treated decently by the leaders and in return they exhibit utmost loyalty and dedication. Leaders must have patience to go through every fact and hear opinions before proposing any kind of judgment. Conclusions based on assumptions and partial evidences should not be encouraged for any cause.

9) Assertiveness – This is the ability to reveal firm opinions regarding any controversial subjects or occasions. Assertiveness is an essential leadership quality required to avoid mistakes and confusion to a greater extend. Being assertive, they must try to understand what the followers have been expecting from them. Neither over assertiveness nor under assertiveness are the good qualities of leaders. In all aspirant leaders this quality must be in a well balanced form.

10) Sense of Humor – Humor is nothing but a talent which can create positive influence on the work front. This is a wonderful leadership quality which can keep away tension, enmity and dullness from the minds of followers. Good leaders will be expert in the application of humor and thereby revitalizing their followers.

Conclusion: – Nowadays in this competitive world, the leadership qualities have very great importance. The developments of leadership qualities mainly depend up on individual talents and their professional environments. Thus by building up skills and qualitative performances, a respectable leadership capability can be brought out.

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