Importance of Social Networking in Job Search


Nowadays, the role of Social Networking which can be established through Social Media, is very important as far as the new generation job seekers are concerned. Social media such as Link-din, Twitter, Facebook etc help employers to know about qualified applicants and the process has been appeared very useful as it is an instant and cheaper method to identify smart job aspirants than advertising a job opportunity. According to a recently conducted survey, about 73 percent of recruiters prefer to hire candidates through social media, while 93 percent of hiring managers review social media profile of applicants before deciding to hire them. The procedure points out the need to optimize your social media presence and the value of networking in your job search.

Social Media and Job Search

Currently, some of the social media networking sites give importance to help employers in finding out suitable candidates with respect to their requirements. It facilitates employers to conduct a fast and effortless background check up of applicants which they often carry out before considering them for a personal interview. Employers use social media to evaluate candidates with respect to their resumes by understanding their communication skills and studying their awareness and attitudes expressed publicly.

The method of assessing a candidate through social media networking helps recruiters to have a more clear idea about you before calling you for a personal interview. It helps them to measure your caliber properly than getting from a face to face communication.
It also enables them to collect clues about your personality and know whether you can perform with their job profile and corporate culture.

Advantages of Social Networking

In these days, Social media has become a short cut for professionals to establishing networking and know about hundreds of people. A good number of employers are using such social media sites to recruit candidates and advertise vacancies arising in their organizations. Thus, networking has become an inevitable factor for job seekers, as the employers are not interested to post the arising vacancies on job boards.

If you are active in social media networking sites, the same will demonstrate to employers regarding your proficiency in Internet and social media capabilities. Through Networking, you can develop yourself well and showcase your personal brand or online profile in a respectable style. Networking allows you to get in touch with reputed industries, companies, positions and makes you available to hiring managers, decision makers, recruiters etc.

Social Networking and Abroad Jobs

By becoming very active with networks you can improve your chances of getting better opportunities in your all-out search for a dream job. It will help you to connect with global employers who rely fully on social media to fulfill their requirements. If you want to seek jobs in other countries, especially in the fast developing Dubai where well salaried jobs are still available, social networking is very essential.

In this way, your social media presence can be considered as an additional way to market yourself in the career front and find out resources related to fields in which you are very much interested. It helps you to be accessible to other employers also who seek individuals having skill, qualification, interest, and expertise similar to you.

Always be Active in Social Networking

It is important for you to be still active in social networking sites, even after you have secured a job by your networking. You should be careful to maintain such connections because it will help you in future to give back the information to another job-seeker either through sharing or direct leads. Moreover, you may never know the future occasions when you feel the requirement of networking once again. By maintaining it throughout in your career, you can ensure that the facility is accessible, when you are in need of the same.


You may take time to get familiar with more professional social media networks, before deciding to move on with such new level of technologies. Each time, while trying to catch heights, feel free to convey your values and skills to potential employers as well as networking contacts, with a memory of your strategy in mind. If you can’t achieve a milestone from certain networks, never feel bad about moving over to something else that works well for you to secure a better job for a better tomorrow.