Highly Demanded Dubai Jobs in 2016

In recent years, the job market in Dubai is found to be very active. A lot of vacancies with attractive remuneration have been arising in various industrial sectors of the country. These fascinating new openings are on account of the decision taken by the ruling government to enhance the economy of the nation by taking a twist from the traditional oil industry to service based activities. Now, Dubai and other major cities in UAE have been flourishing tremendously forecasting the openings of numerous dream jobs in all the industrial sectors of the country by the year 2016.

During the past five years the highest jobs created sectors in Dubai were sales and medical industries. Even now, their paces are towards further development expecting to create unlimited vacancies in the coming years too. Construction, real estate and food and beverages (F&B) are the other key sectors which are planning to hire higher levels offering very good packages. As per the trend in Dubai job market, the first few months of 2016 are found to be very promising. A recent survey regarding hiring has revealed that the recruiters in UAE are waiting for the new openings which are likely to arise by the next year.

According to a survey regarding the forthcoming jobs, the sectors that are expected to generate most openings in Dubai are oil & natural gas, engineering and hospitality. Well salaried Secretarial jobs will also be in high demand in the coming years. A recent employment Index of the middle east has revealed that hospitality, health-care, banking and other similar financial services, insurance sectors have registered really good growth in 2015 and still looking forward for a further development for creating innumerable openings which are very lucrative. So, the educated youths need not worry about their future since Dubai is there to offer them the desired dream jobs.

The forthcoming 2020 World Expo to be held in Dubai is the other important reason to arise a lot of job opportunities in the country. During the period, a lot of delegates and VIPs are expected to visit and stay in the country. Moreover, the occasion is foreseeing tremendous growth prospects in the tourism industry too which has been playing a vital role in boosting the economy of UAE. So, there will also be a lot of developments in the tourism related industries such as, aviation, surface transportation, construction and sales creating uncountable and attractive openings in these sectors.

Data from Job Index suggests that junior executives will be highly in demand by 2016. It has also pointed out that the employers in UAE are mostly in search of talented accountants, sales managers, customer service employees, receptionist and representatives in sectors such as banking, finance, construction, oil and petroleum which are now transforming as the top industries of UAE. Meanwhile, multinational companies in Dubai have revealed that they would be appointing more talented youngsters in the forthcoming twelve months. Thus, the year 2016 will be a harvest season for Dubai job seekers.

Information Technology services in Dubai is the other important sector expected to create considerable job opportunities by 2016. Almost all such firms in UAE which offer the service are foreign based. However, some of the developing computer-related industries in the country such as software publishing, Internet publishing, Digital Marketing, broadcasting, telecommunication etc will be in need of expert hands during the early months of the coming year. Increasing importance of telecommunication, cable service, usage of high-speed Internet and related software will definitely create infinite number of job vacancies among these new generation industries.

As per the prevailing environments, the hiring attitude of various companies in Dubai are very positive. In this regard, the coming early months of 2016 are appeared to be very promising as far as the expatriate job seekers are concerned. So now, it is their turn to find out their dream job from the forthcoming job openings in Dubai and try to secure it. International employment platform www.getujobs.com is now ready to help them a lot in this regard.