GITEX 2015 | Nurturing Dubai as the Major Information Technology Hub

Dubai is all set to host this year’s Gulf Information Technology Exhibition commonly known as GITEX showcasing the latest tech trends in this universe. Being a platform to release, showcase and market the new products, GITEX will be filled with the tech giants from different parts of the world such as Google, Microsoft and Gadget experts from the team of Apple, Samsung etc.

Emergence of android technology and the iOS is making the number of gadgets to be released with several companies increasing in the expo. Examples for the gadgets grossing in the expo are Google Car, Google Glasses, Latest versions of the Apple smartphones etc. As a platform which updates the current trend in technology, the world is looking forward for the GITEX expo every year and the expo offers different people around the world to collaborate with the companies to bring about some fascinating products as a result.

The idea of bringing an expo in middle east for the technology and innovations realized back in 1981, and the journey is continuing with the participation of millions of people across the world from different domains. The expo is happening every year at the Dubai World Trade Center, one of the largest business complex in the world. It also brings opportunities for the companies and brands to sell their products directly to the customers and acquire some potential leads for expanding their business.

Small scale as well as large scale tech traders and innovators are looking forward to get an opportunity to showcase the products and services at GITEX every year. The most interesting part among that is the importance that Indian companies are receiving from team GITEX. During the latest years of GITEX, several companies from the southern part of India are given opportunity to participate in the expo which is empowering their business with much qualified customers and healthy business collaborations.

For the last few years, several IT firms from the technical hubs such as Bengaluru, Trivandrum India Technopark, Infopark smart space Cochin, Calicut Forum for IT (CAFIT) etc are participating and are getting good responses from customers all over the world which is increasing the contributions of the IT export in India. This year the Indian Companies are expecting much more to happen with their product and services and many of them are looking for the opportunity to expand the business to the Middle east hub since Dubai is getting ready to host the greatest event of this decade, World Expo 2020.