Future Job opportunities in India

During the years to come, a lot of fresh job opportunities will be created in India. This is really a great boon to well educated job aspirants in the country as well as abroad. As India has been going ahead in the field of Information Technology, there are high possibilities to have a lot of new vacancies in IT fields than any other sectors in the country. The information regarding the future job opportunities in India is as per the analysis done by www.getujobs.com

Following are the possible main sectors in India which require high qualified professionals in the coming years

IT-BPM (Information Technology-Business Process Management): Nowadays, the Indian IT-BPM industry has been dominating as the nerve center for global BPM operations. Thus, the Indian Software companies are in a set out to make a better future in business processing. The industry is now on the transformation phenomenon to develop new service offerings with high-value opportunities for catering to the updated needs of the customers. With an aim to provide the industry with a qualified, well trained and talented individuals, National Association for Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM) in India is being launched the first-ever program for Occupational Standard guidelines. These are to support the student, industry, and academia to store and acquire the best of the possible chances available and come together to contribute for the growth of the industry.

As business grows, the need to improve its operational capabilities, sustainability and process of innovation will become extremely inevitable. To get these requirements activated, the IT sector in India needs people having potential to connect and propagate information. It is assumed that India would be the third largest IT market in Asia/Pacific by the year 2016. The proposed requirements for trained IT professionals is estimated to be over 4 Lakhs per year. Currently, there is a clear instability between demand and supply of IT professionals and hence, this sector is being forced to offer one of the highest remuneration packages in the country. Graduates belong to Computer Science Engineering and MCA are generally preferred by the IT industry.

Healthcare Professionals: This is another guaranteed profession having tremendous growth opportunities. The healthcare sector in India is the third largest contributor to the country’s economy in terms of revenue and employment. The Indian healthcare sector covers hospitals, pharmaceuticals, medical equipments and supplies, medical insurance and diagnostics etc. In the healthcare sector, especially hospitals and pharmaceuticals account for the largest revenue for the country, contributing as much as 71 per cent and 13 per cent of the total revenue, respectively.

As people are living longer, there will be more people in the old age groups. Thus the duty of Healthcare professionals is to provide the required health caring to the increasing number of old age people. Nowadays the hospital services market forms one of the largest segments of the Indian healthcare network. In the coming years, a lot of job opportunities are expected to arise in the healthcare sector in India. This is a well salaried professional field.

Event Management: This is another prosperous business sector in India which can offer promising career for the qualified candidates. India has now become a global domain for an infinite number of events, meetings, conferences and other entertainments. Such occasions can be seen holding across the country everyday. Nowadays, the Indian subcontinent is a spectacular region with new event management companies which are capable to complete globally. Here in India, this industry has been developing in very fast paces and hence, the corresponding job opportunities are created in plenty. Minimum qualification required for this job is a degree in communication, hospitality or public relations. These are well salaried jobs as far as the experienced candidates are concerned.

Analytics Professional: The job involves analysis of various business strategy and devising or streamlining the organizational structure. Analytics professional has to come across various industries such as health-care, banks, e-commerce and marketing, information technology and biotechnology. In this highly competitive business arena, each and every profit aimed venture wants to stay ahead of such contests. Analytics Professionals can do a great deal in this regard by giving advices and directions whenever required. This is the basic responsibility of an Analytics professional. A Bachelors or a Masters degree in business or finance is the required qualification to secure the job. Salary is corresponding to qualification and experience.

Research and Development Professionals: Research and Development (R&D) is a highly progressive field in India nowadays. R&D professionals are generally engineering technicians, who are capable to use their knowledge to assist engineers and other scientists. Their support is specifically needed in creating new designs and constructing innovative products or equipments which are then marketed and sold to the consumers or specific industries. R&D professionals are also responsible for testing and conducting experiments on the product to analyze their quality control. They have to develop business data in terms of outcomes and spot-out whether the products are either operational or profitable. This is a well salaried job for qualified and experienced candidates.

Interior Designer: A newly constructed house or business complex needs designing and furnishing. Generally, these tasks were undertaken by contractors in olden days. Nowadays, these tasks can be handed over to Interior Designers who are well versed in this field. If such designing is done by the respective professionals, it can accomplish a touch of beauty to houses and buildings and make them absolutely eye-catching. A professional in this field can either work under a reputed agency or work as a freelance interior designer which is more comfortable. Salary is not at all a constraint for a talented Interior designer.

Aforementioned are some of the important job vacancies which will be aroused in India during the forthcoming years. To come across such updated job opportunities, job seekers, employers and recruiters can confidently rely on www.getujobs.com. This is an international job site specially designed to fulfill the employment requirements arising in India.


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