Expo 2020 to Create Innumerable Job Opportunities in Dubai

The availability trend of job opportunities in Dubai is infinite on account of the World Expo 2020. Hence, to fulfill the requirement of innumerable job vacancies, it is inevitable to change the hiring pattern across all industries in the country. As per a recent index analysis, the economic status of the country has been increased considerably during the last six months following the solid business conditions in the state. Thus, it has been predicted that the upcoming Expo 2020 will further improve the economic status of the state together-with creating vast number of job openings which in turn will persuade a lot of educated foreigners to migrate into the country in search of jobs.

It has been observed that the residents of UAE are particularly interested on local job prospects, with majority having opinion that the nation is more attractive than any other countries in terms of offering well salaried fresh job opportunities. A lot of Dubai based companies claim that they are probably or definitely, in a set out to hire employees to fill up the vacancies to be created in the coming three months, while other companies to hire during the next 12 months. The situation indicates that the coming year will be a fine harvest season for Dubai job seekers.

Dubai Expo 2020 forecasts an increase in the number of infrastructure developments, which is found very essential to accommodate the large number global visitors who are expected to arrive during the period of the event. Thus, the occasion will create numerous job openings with simultaneous development of tourism in the state. The growth of tourism industry will definitely results the growth of other industries, especially in the construction field. It has also been detected that the tourism development, owing to the Expo Dubai 2020 is capable to boost other industrial sectors such as hospitality, surface transport, banking and finance etc. which are also extremely popular in creating vast number of attractive job openings in Dubai.

A recent report on economic impact following Dubai Expo 2020 reveals that the event would support over uncountable job openings in the country. As per the report, the creation of vacancies on account of Expo 2020 would be between 2016-2021, with 40 per cent openings in the travel and tourism sector. With reference to the prepared estimation, 90 per cent of the projected employment opportunities would be announced from 2018 to 2021, owing to the demand to be generated by the expected 25 million visitors. As per the report, about 90 per cent job openings which are expected create in the travel and tourism sector, indicates the possibility to convert a high percentage of vacancies into permanent jobs to cater the growing economy during the post- Expo period.

A survey conducted on professionals currently working in the UAE has revealed that their financial position had been improved during the last six months. Anyway, the current outlook in the Dubai job front is very positive, with majority expecting a hike in their financial situation within the coming six months, even though there will a simultaneous increase in the cost of living. Moreover, the survey demonstrates the positive impact of the 2020 Expo, by showing that for every employee associated with the event, approximately 60 additional vacancies will be created across other parts of the state.

Within the next few years, opportunities will probably be created in different industries with a shift in job roles in view to accommodate the different stages of Expo 2020 from preparation to execution and preserve growth. In recent years, many of the resources of the country have been classified into sectors such as arts and culture in preparation for the event, and forecasts a remarkable growth of dedicated free zones for entertainment, media and other creative industries in the country. They are being attracted by major international companies to set up their Middle East base in the UAE over the past few years. All these will create attractive career level opportunities across these industries.

During the upcoming few years, while preparing for the event, the industries that provide infrastructure, especially construction, will certainly see many more job openings in Dubai. Along with the Expo preparation, the industries that expect to grow in the state are hospitality, entertainment, travel and tourism etc. creating so many well salaried job openings. However, the coming five years will be a lucky time-frame for those who are dreaming classic living conditions in association with good positions in Dubai.