Essential Tips for Graduates to Secure Job in UAE


Graduation is really an occasion to be celebrated as far as the educated teenagers are concerned. Naturally, most of them dream a well salaried job in UAE while doing their courses. As it is a fast developing country, it can help you a lot in making most your dreams come true. Moreover, it is one of the top places in the world where living and working environments are so comfortable for educated employees. Here are some essential tips to those graduates who dream a career in UAE.

1. Identify your capability

Nowadays, employers of various sectors in UAE are looking for transferable skills which can be utilized for multiple jobs. They are in search of trustworthy candidates having good proficiency in English as well as Arabic. They must be able to lead and manage a team of employees irrespective of the industry or company. So, apart from the technical skills secured from colleges, employers in UAE are in need of employees having interpersonal skills with profound ability to lead, motivate and inspire people.

2. Carry out Job Market research

You may research companies and understand the industry type, competition and challenges they have been facing. Then try to understand the sectors they want to expand their business in in coming years. You can collect this by viewing the company profiles on the Internet and archives in the newspaper. You may also go through the company annual reports, career advertisements and online marketing campaigns. You may try to meet and talk people working in various sectors and find out what they actually want about their jobs. Social media sites and career networking platforms can also help you a lot in this regard.

3. Create Online presence

In UAE, employers mainly rely on Internet research for finding required candidates available online. Currently, this facility has become one of the desirable methods of recruitment for both managerial and non-managerial cadre posts. So it is essential for you to create an online presence by posting your profile in the Internet. The arrangement will definitely improve your chances to get hired easily. Your online profile creation will enable you to brand yourself professionally by making the profile visible to potential employers.

4. Develop your Online presence

As long as your profile is there in the Internet, company managers and recruiters can come across your personal details and understand about your skills. Your email address in the profile will help you know about the opportunities arising in various employment sectors. So, it is mandatory for you to up to date your online profile then and there.

5. Create a CV with cover letter

For securing a job in UAE, your CV with suitable cover letter is considered to be very important. Your personalized cover letter along with your CV can tell about your interests and point out whether you are suitable for a particular job. Each time, your CV is to be sent with separate cover letters for different jobs.

6. Rely on networks

Networking is an essential category to be carried out for getting hired in UAE job sectors. Fresh graduates who come out of colleges may not think about the benefits of valuable contacts and it is difficult for them, as they are newcomers to the locality. So, a suitable alternative to networks is to attend job fairs and informational interviews taking place in various industrial sectors often. Such job fairs and informational interviews can help you with valuable advises about various profession fields in which you are interested and get a chance to know whether the positions are suitable for you.

7. Be confident

It is very apparent that employers in UAE are considering all round capabilities of candidates beyond their qualifications and relevant experience. However, many of them are searching candidates who are cooperative, helpful and flexible. So try to reap benefits out of these skills while networking or answering interview questions. Be confident and active in your response, and you must be able to say what you actually expect from a career front.

As UAE is a fast developing country, the job opportunities arising in various sectors are in abundance. So, you must consider the process of job searching in UAE as a part of your career and keep away all disappointments. Remember to keep on applying and attending interviews, until you get hired for your dream job.