Entrepreneurs Chosing UAE: HSBC Expat Explorer Survey '15

The recently out expat explorer survey conducted by HSBC says that UAE has become the most favorite destination for the expat entrepreneurs to start their ventures. Earlier this year UAE was declared as the destination that brings about large number of job opportunities that is happening in the world which proves the relevance of the headline.

The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking corporation Ltd. headquartered in London, United Kingdom is setting up the survey for the last 8 years and is the largest independent expat entrepreneur survey that is happening in the world. Being changed its middle east head office from Jersey to Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC), Dubai is becoming a hot destination for HSBC and many other companies as well.

The market forecast for Dubai says that largest event of this century EXPO 2020 is the major reason why the new expats are getting ready to shift to Dubai as their new destination. The luxurious Icon of the world connecting different continents is the best destination for expanding the ventures. Report says that UAE has been successful in maintaining the employees with the most challenging packages, employee benefits and material incentives.

Financial security, health benefits, Airfare allowance etc are best in the industry when compared to the other Asian and European countries which is making UAE special. Management experts says that UAE, which is now the luxury icon is also going to be the next financial capital of the world with several international brands and companies making roots in UAE.