Dubai Government to Create 3000 Jobs by 2016

Dubai government has recently approved funding for their various developmental requirements, which in turn will create 3000 new job openings by the year end. As per the new decision they are committed to establish development in social status as well as infrastructure in the country. It is also said that the funding is mainly to increase salaries and wages of the employees who will be chosen to work for these developmental projects. Apart from these, the authorities have also decided to spend vastly on behalf of transportation, tourism and other industries which can bring out economic growth. Analysts as well as financial experts have welcomed the new decision of the Dubai Government to achieve economic development by investing and simultaneously increasing employment opportunities. The new budget declaration of the authorities is followed by the recent decision of the UAE government to enforce new employment rule in the different states of the country. It is said that the new employment rule is absolutely favorable for expatriates who want to secure a job in Dubai. Hence, the present overall employment environment in the country is very much comfortable and the same will surely attract numerous job seekers across the globe.

The fresh financial funding decision of the authorities is said to be the outcome of the strict economic policies being followed by the UAE government. The proposed financing will definitely improve communication facilities, safety and security measures, qualitative justice, immaculate government services and prospective social development. According to economic analysts, the creation of innumerable job opportunities in Dubai is the outcome of the UAE government’s decision to deviate from its traditional oil industry to hospitality, tourism and other service based undertakings. The continuous investment in the field of infrastructure and social sectors shows that the present strategy will make Dubai a very unique spot in the world and help to boost its long run leadership role in the middle east region. All these factors point out that the current employment environment in Dubai is very much forward-looking. Thus, the year ahead will be a prosperous year as far as the expatriate job seekers in Dubai are concerned.

It is highly appreciable that the Dubai government is still dare enough to invest on infrastructure and social development, in spite of the challenging global economic environment. However, he country has successfully established diversified income sources which are helpful in building the state with respect to the inevitable future developments. Since it is the only well planned city in the world, the location has become the preferred destination for tourists and global job seekers alike. Currently, the key growth factors in Dubai are found to be tourism, health-care, logistics, hospitality and education. So, the main target of the UAE government funding is to stimulate and sustain these factors and thereby achieve overall economic growth for the country. Nevertheless, the present-day environment in Dubai has made the region as one of the most prominent global employment brands in the world. The reason behind the miraculous transformation is their interest to focus on all the important areas of infrastructure, safety, security and justice, creating vast number of essential job opportunities. So, during the forthcoming months, more and more government assistance can be expected in such sectors, simultaneously bringing out innumerable well salaried job opportunities as desired by the Dubai job seekers.

Authorities have revealed that the new financial plan will continue to generate economic growth in Dubai and improve the efficiency of government agencies by creating 3,000 new job opportunities in various public sectors in the fiscal year 2016. They have also pointed out that the increase in government expenses reflect projected growth rates with the evolution and diversity of government services. According to economists and analysts, the renewed commitment of Dubai government towards infrastructure development is very much linked to the forthcoming Expo 2020. All the proposed investments are expected to support the economic development across UAE, stabilizing the sustainable developmental paths. So, the investments and corresponding economic growth will pave way to create innumerable employment opportunities in the year ahead. So, the year 2016 will be the golden era for educated and talented youngsters who are dreaming a well salaried job in Dubai.