Dubai Ranked 3rd in Emerging Cities of the World

The high paced growth in the major sectors with clear intention to make the future secure, Dubai has done with the magical growth and is standing 3rd among the emerging cities of the world. Rather than creating some skyscrapers and luxurious facilities, the concern for Dubai in bringing progress which assures a better tomorrow is making them unique and occupy one of the top positions in the list.

Shanghai and Beijing are the top most cities in the list followed by Dubai. Dubai has bagged this position by pulling back the cities like Moscow, Bengaluru etc. As a factor which makes the global investors feel good about their next investment, this position is definitely going to shape the economy of Dubai especially in a situation which says financial recession is about to happen all over the world. Investors from different parts of the world who want to escape from such a situation to happen, will definitely look into these factors that doesn’t risk their business at any cost.

Apart from that, the expansions and the masterclass ideas which includes Masdar City, a city which runs completely on renewable energy, Idea of creating a completely Air Conditioned city inside the desert and virtual shopping carts on the major places like Metro stations, Airports etc are making Dubai exceptional in all the aspects. Making the life of the people easy with the help of technology and making sure its not harming the nature in any means.

Dubai is considered as the hub which connects the east with the west, which is making Dubai the gateway of the all the business activities and world class exhibitions. Idea of making Dubai the luxury capital of the world by the rulers and government of UAE is becoming a reality as a whole, and the headline mentioned is proving the same. With the presence of so many world class facilities like the World’s largest skyscraper-Burj Khalifa,financial institutions like Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC), World’s largest man made Islands-The Palm Islands and the list is still expanding.

With the idea of so many projects on the line, Dubai is expanding as a whole, well equipped to welcome the world to Dubai for the World Expo 2020. Even though Dubai has bagged the primary positions among the cities in the world, according to the JLL index, it still has to compete with the cities like Hong Kong, Tokyo, New York, Paris, Singapore and London for investments to happen in a massive level. Rulers and the ministry of UAE are looking forward for booking a place by improving the facilities and the infrastructure and welcoming huge levels of investments and making UAE stand first among the investor friendly nations of the world by 2021 since UAE is marking its Golden Jubilee in 2021.