Dubai Expo 2020 to Create 2.7 Lac Jobs in UAE

Making its way clear to host the largest event of this century, UAE is investing on top of any other countries to make Expo 2020 the greatest of all times. Newly published reports form various sources shows that Expo 2020 is about to create more than 2.7 Lac job opportunities in the emirates the coming years.

The expo is to host the theme of “Connecting Minds, Creating the future” which gives importance to the 3 sub themes Opportunity, Mobility and Sustainability. Expo will explore the possibilities of opportunity and practices that the world can bring together for a better future. For centuries world expos has been doing the same, but here in UAE it is getting different with the need of resources to get protected and the technology to upgrade the lifestyle of the people around the globe.

UAE has been a hot destination for the job seekers as well as the entrepreneurs around the world. Since UAE is 4 years away from Expo, largest investments are happening in the field of Infrastructure, Information Technology, Mobility services etc which is making UAE the best suited to host the world expo 2020. Dubai which is formerly named as Al-Wasl (meaning: The Connection) is ready to explore the possibilities of its geographic position which is connecting the east with the west of this universe.

Having several airports connecting to over more than 200 destinations across the world, UAE is expecting millions to reach in preparation to the Expo 2020 and as the visitors during 2020-2021. The City who was well known for pearl diving is now one of the hottest destination the world is looking forward to. The global financial crisis in the later years of last decade has made an impact to several ongoing projects in UAE. But winning the bid to host the world expo 2020 in Nov 2013 has given life to all those projects which includes Palm Jabel Ali, The world Islands, Dubai Towers etc.

On the other part, UAE is providing the best experience for the entrepreneurs to be a part of the world’s best financial gateways such as Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC), which is a city within a city which provides the best in line practices and solutions for all the business needs. Several International brands and financial giants has been looking forward to expand their business possibilities with DIFC. Apart from DIFC, UAE also has the power in attracting the brands and people across the globe by arranging several international expos such as GITEX Tech Expo which keeps UAE hot among the other destinations in this universe.

The Progress of job market in UAE creating close to 3 Lac job opportunities by the end of this decade is making the expat job seekers feel good. Millions of people from the different parts of the world including India, US, Britain, Philippines, Pakistan etc are looking forward to the situation right here in UAE. The relaxations which has been declared in the job policy in UAE, which is to be made live in Jan 2016 is also giving colors to the expat expectations.