Dubai Expats Guide | How to get Dubai Jobs | How to live in Dubai

Introduction: Dubai is one among the seven states that constitute the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Recently, Dubai has been emerged as the main city as it is the lifestyle hub of the middle east nations .
Initially, the overall wealth in Dubai was based on its oil exporting industry. But gradually and amazingly, it achieved a solid economic status, through multiple criterion that includes tourism, real estate, financial services, healthcare and education.
In these days, Dubai has been flourishing economically and generating abundance of employment prospects and opportunities in and around.

Work life in Dubai: Many people have made their good fortunes by migrating to Dubai, which has been in the center of abundant wealth and prosperity. The main attraction of the work life in Dubai is its tax-free savings. Employees can collect their salary without any deductions in favor of income-tax. However, in Dubai, there are still attractive jobs having good remuneration in many employment sectors. Regarding the lifestyle in Dubai, it is appealing to all those migrating from other countries. The location is blessed with relatively good pace of life with excellent climate, wonderful entertainment facilities, first-class education and health-care standards.

Working in Dubai: Nobody can legally work in Dubai without a work permit. However, the employers in Dubai are generally found relying on foreign labors to get the works done, as they are very much familiar with the process involved for collecting the right permits and visas for their expatriate employees.
In order to find jobs in Dubai you have a number of reliable options. The first choice is to approach recruitment agencies by paying a reasonable charge or fee. In certain companies the charge is paid by the employer when they appoint a successful candidate. Other choice is to specifically approach companies based in Dubai which require employees. Candidates can explore such companies within their professional sphere either through websites and see if they have vacancies. On the otherhand, you can apply on specification about the companies you would like to work for.

For getting residency in Dubai: For officially applying for residency in Dubai, you will have to undergo a thorough medical check up and get approval from concerned authority. Once your visa has been issued, you are then eligible to collect everything from a local bank account for getting a rental house or property. It means that you can sponsor your family for living with you, since you have secured an employment in Dubai. With respect to the contracts signed, some expatriates are eligible to get accommodation allowances as part of their remuneration terms. This may include a consolidated amount that is being paid towards rent each month.
Once you happened to be an official dweller of Dubai, then you can apply for your valid health card. It is being informed that health insurance is going to be mandatory for the migrants in emirates soon. However, it is better for you to obtain an health card, so that you will be always eligible for the subsidized medical care available within the state.

Conclusion: Even if there are certain pro’s and con’s for living and working in Dubai, all such inconveniences can be negotiated with the availability of attractive tax-free salary, comfortable working environments and superior living conditions featured with classic healthcare facilities.
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