Dubai: An Ideal Place to Seek Expatriate Jobs

Introduction: Dubai in the middle east which belongs to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is an ideal place for migrant job seekers, mainly for Indians. The availability of lucrative job opportunities, featured with tax-free benefits are abundant in Dubai. Even for graduates there are ample chances having great potential. Dubai expatriates make up more than three-quarters of the overall workforce existing in the United Arab Emirates.

Recently conducted employment surveys have revealed high possibilities of several attractive job opportunities in UAE especially in Dubai. This is mainly due to the forthcoming global business festival to be conducted in Dubai, known as Dubai Expo 2020. So, excellent employment openings are expected in sectors such as investment, banking and finance, telecommunication, health-care, construction etc.

While going through the education-wise job opportunities, it can be seen that Masters Degree holders in Business Administration (MBA) are one of the highest paying employees at the global employment market in Dubai. MBA graduates, particularly from the top class Business study centers are offered attractive salary packages by the high level business recruiters in Dubai.

Dubai has been a major job harvesting center for professionals from India, especially in the traditional sectors like banking, finance, construction and retail. Moreover, thousands of new age career opportunities are also found arising in the fields of e-commerce, online media and information technology.

Here are some reasons behind the emergence Dubai as a popular employment location for expatriates

1. Higher salary scale: Jobs in Dubai are well known for attractive salary scale and other benefits including comfortable working environments. Employment available in finance, investment, telecommunication, information technology online media, e-commerce etc. are well salaried. A lot of employees from all over the world, especially Indians are seen working in these sectors.

2. Abundantly arising opportunities: The employment arena in Dubai is seen booming with a good number of prospective job opportunities suitable for new generation job searchers. By viewing the specific Dubai recruitment websites, job seekers can find out their dream jobs ranging from entry-level jobs to CEO positions. Several reputed IT companies such as Microsoft, Oracle and IBM have also started their ventures in the city.

3. Work environment and culture: As far as the work environment and culture are concerned, Dubai is considered to be as one of the best places in the world for seeking jobs. All companies in the city follow similar work culture and the same includes job related rules and regulations, working hours, holidays etc. Chief Executive Officers of each and every company in Dubai ensure that their employees maintain an acute balance on work-life. As per the religious point of view, Friday is the regular weekly off-day in place of Sunday. In addition to this, the companies allow other mandatory holidays prevailing in the country.

4. Tax exemption: Even though there are higher pay scales in the job sectors of Dubai, the ruling government has exempted people’s salary, savings etc from deducting income-taxes. This is really an exceptional attraction of Dubai employment sphere. It is the tax-free advantage that forces many top multinational companies and firms to start their ventures in the country, which in turn creates ample job opportunities for the job hunters.

5. Lifestyle: Dubai is the only well planned city in the world where vibrant lifestyle is followed with cultural diversity. Moreover, the infrastructure of the city resembles up to date global life standards. These are the reasons why people from all over the world prefer to stay and work in Dubai. As there are best shopping malls and stores in the city, Dubai is popularly known as ‘the shopping capital of the middle east’.

Conclusion: Above all, the prospering economy of the petroleum exporting country and the favorable money saving environments are the anytime major reasons that persuade job seekers from India and other global countries to migrate to Dubai.