Challenges to Face in Dubai Job Market


Dubai in United Arab Emirates (UAE), one of the wealthiest states in the Universe is considered to be the best and comfortable place to live and work. Recently, the authorities in the region have wisely invested the country’s economy in different profitable areas to overcome the eventual reduction in oil revenues that may effect in the future. Thus, UAE is targeting a tremendous economic development by taking a deviation from its still highly moneymaking oil industry in the country. This is how Dubai, the rapidly developing city in UAE, became the center of attraction of global job seekers. As the city is still in its developmental spree, the opportunities for fresh jobs are abundant in Dubai. However, expatriates have to face some challenges in the vacancies stuffed Dubai job market.

Here are some challenges generally facing by Dubai job seekers.

1. Start-up Costs

The main problem of expatriates who arrive in Dubai in search of jobs is their initial costs. It will be difficult for them to find out the money they required to live till they get a suitable job. Regarding accommodation, some house owners demand rent for the whole one year in advance. Apart from this, family men have to afford school fees of their children, security deposits, utility deposits etc. So, in general, most expatriates in Dubai are found living in debt in the beginning.

2. Loneliness

Loneliness is considered as one of the challenges of expatriates working in Dubai. The reasons behind loneliness may be because of cultural differences, finances, treatment of women etc. Loneliness does not necessarily mean being alone, because an individual may feel loneliness even in a crowded room of strangers. There are possibilities for such individuals to experience some kind of psychological ailments.

3. Cost of Living
Finances will be a major concern for any one seeking a job in Dubai. If the cost of living in a country is high, newcomers cannot afford it in any way. So, you have to look towards property, social life, utility services or weekly shopping in advance before deciding to relocate to Dubai. There are literally a lot of websites which will help you to deal the cost of living in Dubai with other major cities in the world.

4. Relationship Problems
Dubai is an area in the world where expectations of women are very different while comparing to that of men. As an outcome, if you are moving to the country with your wife or a female partner there are high possibilities to arise relationship issues. Unless you address the matter at a very early stage, the situation may deteriorate with much higher problems as well. In many ways, some of the issues you have to face as a couple in the United Arab Emirates will be entirely out of your hands and trying to withstand the same will be a foolish task, as it is surely a losing battle.

5. Cultural Differences
Dubai job market is an environment where people belong to the different cultures in the world are working under one roof. So, while working in Dubai, it is essential for the expatriates to make themselves available to work in such an environment. Currently, authorities of various organizations in Dubai are very keen to trace out skilled employees irrespective of their cast, creed or religion. However, the cultural differences have made some expatriates feel that they are being isolated badly.

6. Healthcare Issues
In and around Dubai a lot of private health insurance companies are functioning to provide health cover to individuals who seek treatments from hospitals. Without healthcare cover you cannot afford the hospital bill in Dubai which usually runs beyond our calculations. Even if you are a well-paid expatriate employee in Dubai and don’t have a health care cover, then an hospital bill at any occasion could create a severe blow to your budget. So if you are going to work in Dubai you have to take a health care insurance in advance.

7. Recruitment Scams
In the recent past, it is said that several job seekers in Dubai were trapped by bogus recruitment agencies. The candidates were forced to give heavy amounts to get them trained for fake interviews. As per the UAE Labor Law, job seekers are required to pay nothing for any recruitment process. Hence, if any expat job seeker finds either any company or recruiter asking for money upfront, beware of him, it is a signal for you to be vigilant.

Companies in Dubai are attracting and creating a lot of talented human resources from a wide range of industries which in turn create greater job opportunities, especially for expatriates. The more the job opportunities, the more will be the competition in the Dubai job market. Hence, the expat job seekers in Dubai must be well versed with the working environment and employment laws prevailing there. Then only they can enjoy the abundant benefits flowing out of the flourishing job market in Dubai.