Attractions of Dubai Jobs


Dubai is in an effort to retain its traditional heritage along with its eagerness to embrace the 21st century developments towards technology and culture. As an exuberant city in the middle east, it nurtures all the features, including good and bad of a large international city. Nowadays, the region is one of the most favorable spot in terms of the global business in the emirates. Dubai had been growing rapidly for the past 30 years and has tremendous growth prospects during the upcoming decades, as it is the only well planned city in the world.
The living and working experience in Dubai is found to be more enjoyable even if expatriates have to abide by a few simple rules prevailing there. However, jobs in Dubai are very much attracted by the global people.

Here are some attractions of working in Dubai.

Innumerable job opportunities

After the global recession, many people have been attracting to Dubai for better jobs and improved lifestyle. With tremendous growth opportunities, many reputed organizations functioning in Dubai have started upgrading their process of requirements. So, many recruitment agencies in Dubai have developed an unique social networking tool, by which qualified candidates can easily connect with other professionals, enabling them to secure good package with valuable perks. At present, Dubai is home to many emigrants who have reached there in search of better job opportunities having higher pay scales. However, you must be beware of agencies whose intention is to deduce money from innocent job seekers.

Attractive work packages

Most employers in Dubai offer a decent salary package that comprises of health insurance and 30 days of earned leave with airline tickets to fly to your home country once in a year. In addition, many employers also offer housing allowances with good prospects to earn compensation and bonuses over and above the salary. Other key specialties of Dubai jobs are flexible working hours and schooling allowances. In recent years, there has been a greater trend towards a better work-life balance which forced employers to modify perks to meet the growing employee demand. Certain companies in Dubai allow women to work from home during special occasions like post delivery and child sick.

Tax free income

One of the major attractions for seeking jobs in Dubai is the tax free savings. The ruling government in Dubai does not impose any kind of tax on personal salaries or earnings. This means that what you earn is yours and you need not payback anything to the government. The condition results a higher spendable income per capita, thus making Dubai a very enchanting place to live and work. So, most expatriates working in Dubai are dreaming a life of utmost comfort and use luxury amenities that they cannot even dream if they are working in their home countries.

Combination of Multiculture

With an intention to develop tourism in the state, Dubai has been transformed itself as a very foreigner-friendly destination with multicultural experience. The government in Dubai is achieved the task by taking an intentional deviation from its oil-dependent economy,
Currently, over 80% of Dubai’s population is expatriates comprising of people from all over the world, resulting an international multicultural environment. Thus, the people living and working in Dubai get the valuable opportunity to experience and set up a global network of people having varying tradition and culture. By associating with different nationalities, you can understand their languages, religion and lifestyles.

International Workforce

As the government of the state is giving importance to the diversification of its vast economy as a part of its economic development strategies, a lot of international companies have opened their bases in Dubai resulting a good number of high-profile projects. So you may get an unique chance to work upon such a prestigious project that you may never be able to come across if you are in your home country. Experience abroad with multicultural workforce can also help you to develop transferable skills and thereby fast-track your career capabilities.

English as communication medium

Unlike many other countries, English language is widely spoken in Dubai. If any other languages are spoken commonly, it will appear as a barrier towards the establishment and development of the ongoing overseas businesses there. So, English language is used as the communication medium in Dubai, as it is understandable by the majority of people who live and work there. Native people also speak English language enabling both Western as well as Eastern expatriates to carry out problem free business deals with them.

Global reputation

Dubai has grabbed an international reputation in terms of economic progress through global business and considered as the perfect channel for both imports and exports from the East and the West. As it is located at the center of the Middle East region, Dubai is a reachable location within hours of flight from the major cities in Europe, Asia and Africa. As a world class business center in Emirates, it is also an important shopping window of thousands of potential clients from the surrounding regions.


As an important business Hub, Dubai is the perfect location to stop over and take a break during long business trips. According to majority of entrepreneurs, halting over Dubai usually results new business connections which in turn boost their future trade. In addition to these advantages, Dubai has world class attractions with facilities for dynamic night life entertainments, after work amusement etc, and thus making it a highly desirable place to work and live in.